Monthly Archives: January 2016

“Stay with me.”

“I’ll stay with you love. Till I fall asleep.”

“Hai love. Moon of my life.”

“My sun and stars. Miss you.”

“Miss you more. Be mine.”

“I’m yours.”

“Will you love me forever?”

“If you give me the chance.”


“I’m just wide awake and thinking about you.”

From “Career of Evil”

Yet he knew that he had been left impaired, that he no longer had the capacity to feel in the way that he had once felt. He felt as though his capacity for loving had been blunted, the nerve endings severed. He had not intended to wound Elin; he did not enjoy seeing her cry; yet the ability to feel empathetic pain seemed to have closed down. A small part of him, in truth, had been mentally planning his route home as she sobbed.

Robert Galbraith

“Am I just the bright light at the end of this dark tunnel?”

From “Career of Evil”

Alcohol buoyed you up and it washed your eyes clean. In vino veritas, they said, didn’t they?

Robert Galbraith

I’m not happy now and I just keep making excuses. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be happy with the one I want to be with. You’re the one who makes my heart sing.

“My fucking soul craves you.”

I just want to be able to love you.
You should be mine.
I should be yours.

The universe knows that we should be happy with each other.
I just need to have you always. I want to spend all my time with you in my arms.
Just be mine forever already.

Our time together is just too fleeting. I want all the time in the world with you.

“Tunnel Vision” – Justin Timberlake

“I look around and everything is beautiful, cause all I see is you.”